Research Proceedings Interuniversity College

ISBN: 978-3-200-03171-5

A peer reviewed, open online database

Editorial: Manuscripts and editorial correspondence should be sent to the editor:
Prof. P. C. Endler
Interuniversity College for Health and Development Graz / Castle of Seggau, Austria
8042 Graz, Petrifelderstr. 4
Email: college [at] inter-uni [dot] net
Publication coordinator: Tom Reischl, MSc

The Interuniversity College is an EU-funded research and training institution offering master’s and doctoral training programmes for members of the helping and teaching professions.

The purpose of the database is to make publicly accessible materials related to the research agenda of the for integrated health sciences ( and its hub, the Interuniversity College, and to encourage interdisciplinary discussion. The database covers the following fields of research:

  • Psychosocial health sciences
  • Complementary health sciences
  • Psychosocial and complementary development promotion of children and adolescents
  • Evaluation of academic teaching in the abovementioned fields

The following submissions are considered for publication in Res Proceedings IUC:

  • Editorials
  • Peer-reviewed abstracts and articles on research carried on by students, alumni and staff of the Interuniversity College
  • Non-peer-reviewed summaries and full versions of master theses and dissertations prepared by students of the Interuniversity College
  • A hyperlinked directory of articles by students or staff of the Interuniversity College that have been published elsewhere

Motto: “The best morning exercise for a researcher is to discard one favourite hypothesis every day before breakfast”, as Konrad Lorenz once said. The perspective of the Interuniversity College is that to generate new knowledge one must be open to questions; whoever believes their knowledge to be already complete is more an administrator of knowledge than a researcher.